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Where are my keys?

My father was constantly losing his keys. I remember many times helping him search for them. It was extremely frustrating and we would waste so much time trying to find those keys. So, I have established the routine when I come home of placing my keys in a designated bowl.

This habit has saved me much frustration, as well as wasted time and energy. It is a small thing but has helped me avoid unnecessary aggravation.

This is the significance of creating what we call “repeatable processes.” By establishing how to perform tasks (or processes) in the same way each time, a Company reduces errors, increases both Customer and Staff satisfaction, and saves time and energy. I joke that it is better to do something the wrong way every time than to do it differently each time. Do not misunderstand. I am not suggesting you do anything incorrect or wrong. I am encouraging creating processes that are designed to be efficient and effective and worth being repeated.

Evaluating your processes positions a Company for sustainability and growth. Do you need help evaluating your processes so you can determine how to build those worth repeating?  Contact me at to schedule a quick call to explore how we can help. Also, check out our blogs and previous newsletters and/or emails at


Research has shown that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week in February. So, what does this tell you? We have trouble finishing what we start. It is human nature to get sidetracked, unfocused, and swayed in other directions.

However, if we have the “sticktoitiveness” (yes, that’s a word) to stay with a resolution or goal, the end results can be quite powerful. What happens when you fulfill that resolution or meet that goal? Conquering them creates a sense of accomplishment and it could solve a problem that was an obstacle.

The advantages of sticking with that resolution and/or goal reap amazing rewards. Unfortunately, we often lose sight of that ultimate goal.

So, as we move to the end of the first quarter, remind yourself of why you set that resolution or goal in the first place. The well-known acronym SMART may refocus you with these hints:

S = specific: Is your resolution/goal clearly defined? Be sure your resolution/goal is specific.
M = measurable: Do you know how to determine if you are moving toward your goal? Establish monitoring methods to evaluate your progress.
A = achievable: Is your specific resolution/goal both stretching you, yet achievable? The resolution to increase revenues by 500% is probably not achievable. Be sure to be realistic.
R = relevant: Does this resolution/goal really matter to you? Are you willing to put in the work to achieve it? Focus on what is relevant to you.
T = time-bound: What is the timeline for achieving this goal? If you have not already, establish a clear timeline for milestones that are specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant that increase the probability of meeting your goal.

Is one of your resolutions to strengthen your organization and position it for growth? If so, My COO Resources can provide a defined structure to do this.  Questions? Do not hesitate to contact me at Also, check out our blogs and previous newsletters and/or emails at