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Algae and Diatoms

Algae and diatoms are organisms that are only visible through a microscope. Algae is a generic term to describe many different organisms; while diatoms are algae whose cell walls are composed of transparent, opaline silica. These are miniscule organisms that play an important role in producing 20 – 40% of the air we breathe. Furthermore, the diatoms turn energy from the sun into sugar. Together, these organisms impact our day to day lives in ways we do not often consider.

What is the connection between algae, diatoms, and running your business? . . . . We often give little consideration to the tiny, seemingly inconsequential tasks that occur on a regular, often daily occurrence that have ultimately huge impact. Together, they can suck the air out of our business and drain the energy from the impact your services and products have for your Clients as well as demoralizing your Staff.

We at My COO Resources and Aldridge Kerr regularly discuss the importance of understanding priorities and the ramifications of the way in which we do business. Like algae and diatoms, we need to understand and manage those seemingly small, daily tasks that can have a big impact on our organizations.

Here are a few questions to consider in order to obtain further clarity around this message: 

¨      Do you know the Top Ten most important (critical) processes that have the biggest impact on your organization? If not, then are there potentially daily tasks that do not have the appropriate priority within your Company? In addition, Staff may be putting too much emphasis on those tasks that will not reach the results you desire.

¨      Have you considered the implications of tasks that are routinely performed that if done incorrectly or incompletely can negatively impact your Company’s bottom line? Knowing those areas within your Company that require improvements is the first step in creating operational effectiveness.

¨      Are you positioned so that you can mitigate those “unknowns” (i.e., business interruption, market downturn) if – or when – they arise? Performing routine assessments to determine where your Company is at the greatest risk is essential for sustainability and growth.

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Moving Again

Americans move more than 11 times in their lifetimes, based on multiple Experts such as the US Census Bureau, The Atlantic, and Moving creates disruption in one’s life and can be quite stressful. A move is time demanding, requires additional expense, and takes time and energy.

Is it any wonder that folks do not like changes in the work place? Like a physical move, change can be frustrating, disruptive, and waste time and energy. Change, however, can be positive if it is effectively managed. Change can:

  • Encourage creativity
  • Inspire
  • Reduce complacency
  • Stretch our thinking
  • Produce action

Managing change in this ever-changing world is crucial for an organization’s ongoing success. Establishing methods to understand what changes are occurring (or will occur) is essential. Sometimes, all that is needed is to utilize a dedicated or an external Resource to ensure change reaps those positive benefits that are desired.

Making those changes can reap exceptional results. As John C. Maxwell said so well, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

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