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To help the User determine what to do for each of the Solutions within My COO Resources, each step includes an example from a fictional company as to what they did to perform that step. And, hints and videos are included to assist in understanding what needs to be done.

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Strengthening operational effectiveness

The goal of My COO Resources is to assist a Company with strengthening its operational effectiveness.

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Challenges facing Business Owners

What are the operational challenges your Company faces that impact your ability to grow? Do you even know?

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No other solution like My COO Resources

My COO Resources has taken a fresh, new approach to addressing a Company’s operational challenges. We haven’t found anyone out there who is doing this. We are providing an alternative to the high cost of hiring Experts (either hiring Staff or Consultants) to work with the Company to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.

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Managing the effort

Taking on any project or initiative can be overwhelmed. And it is sometimes hard to do determine the priorities and order of what should be done.


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Identified issues drive order of Solutions

Identifying your Company’s operational challenges occurs as you take My COO Resources Simple Start Assessments. Once you know your top 2 – 3 issues that need to be addressed, you could easily become overwhelmed.

But, our online interactive tool will prioritize the order for tackling those challenges so you can work on addressing your issues one-by-one. 

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My new dryer

Welcome back to our twice monthly newsletter…. Recently, my 22-year old dryer died and I had to buy a new one. In my typical manner, I did some research and found a mid-priced dryer that I thought would meet my needs. It has so many more features that the dead dryer lacked. Those extra features sure have made drying clothes easier for me. Please understand, the last dryer worked perfectly fine, but now that I see what this new one will do, I am pleased with the end-result, and it is much more efficient and effective at doing its job.

It struck me as I began to enjoy my new purchase that having the right tools and resources is very instrumental in equipping us to get a job done.

We often do not realize how ineffective we are until we find a better solution. We struggle along doing what we do. We waste valuable time doing it the same way that we have done it for years. We do not take advantage of tools and resources that are available to us because we do not realize that there is a better way available to us.

This new dryer is a great example of not considering how the introduction of a better tool to do a daily task can make one’s life easier. There are a multitude of daily tasks that we must perform where we often do not consider how using a new tool (in my case, a new dryer) can increase effectiveness.

I believe My COO Resources can be valuable for Business Owners. It provides you with a resource and tool you do not even know exists and equips you to do more than you can imagine.

By taking four short (and free) assessments, My COO Resources will identify for you the operational issues that are causing the greatest challenges for your Company. Once you upgrade your membership, it will walk you step-by-step through solving those identified operational issues.

It is a resource you probably do not know you need… yet, like my new dryer, it will provide improvements you had not even considered.

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– Charlene Aldridge

Recognizing the problem exists

“The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.” Zig Ziglar

What problem do you need to take the first step in resolving?

How much time are you wasting?

Have you considered how much time you are wasting finding needed files? One of My COO Resources’ solutions will help you create a File and Folder Management methodology to reduce that wasted time.

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A blueprint

Want to create a sustainable organization but aren’t sure how to do this? My COO Resources provides the blueprint.