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Multiple methods and resources available to establish/improve operational effectiveness:

Establishing and/or improving operational effectiveness within a Company can be accomplished using multiple methods and resources. Traditionally, hiring a Chief Operations Officer (COO), hiring addition Staff, or engaging a Consulting Firm were the best options for improving an operation’s effectiveness and building a sustainable organization.

My COO Resources is an affordable alternative:

My COO Resources an affordable, alternative, self-paced resource compared to the more traditional options available:

Simple Start Business Essentials Business Professional
Monthly Cost Free $199 $429
Four Simple Start Assessments:
indentifies your operational challenges
Included Included Included
Help Section
includes glossary, videos
Included Included Included
Solutions **
on-line interactive tool to address identified issues and strengthen operational effectiveness
X 2 per month 2 per month
Resource Library
Videos, FAQ’s, and other Resources to assist
X Included Included
Coming Soon!
X X Included
Getting started one-on-one conference call
Talk to a live Consultant to help you get started
X X Included
Weekly access to business hours
Talk to a live Consultant during designated hours for guidance, instruction, and hints
X X Included
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NOTE: A month-to-month commitment is required; expanded offerings coming soon!

** The Solutions to be worked are based on the issues identified while taking the Simple Start Assessments. See more on the Solutions page within the Toolbar above.

The more traditional options:

Or, you can select one of these more traditional options:

Hiring a Chief Operations Officer (COO) Hiring additional Staff Engaging a Consulting Firm
Cost $8,000 – $12,000 monthly $4,000 – $8,000 monthly $7,000 – $12,000 monthly (often for 6 – 12 months)