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My COO Resources was founded by two business leaders with experience in both Corporate America and as Small Business Owners.

Charlene G. Aldridge started her career as a Manager and then Executive working for Fortune 500 Companies. In 1996, Charlene founded Aldridge, Kerr & Associates, Inc., an operational consulting firm.

Over the years, Charlene has wanted to pass along to smaller Companies the services and methodologies Aldridge Kerr provides to its medium and large Clients. She recognized, however, small Companies often don’t have the financial resources, and/or are unwilling to use outside expertise, and/or want to resolve their issues themselves. And Charlene realized small Companies’ needs are not necessary the same as larger firms.

My COO Resources has customized the services and expertise Aldridge Kerr provides to the needs of a small Company.

Scott Sterrantino started his career at Texas Instruments, spending 9 years as an Analog Circuit Designer, then Project Manager. In 2007, Scott founded his own software development company, hyperTechnologies, LLC focusing on web-based database applications.

Scott has expertise in Linux web server administration and configuration, as well as numerous platforms and languages, including HTML, CSS, PERL, PHP, and mySQL. Scott has used these technologies to develop reusable web platforms and bring numerous web based applications to production nationwide.

His expertise in building web-based software solutions and Small Business experience made him a perfect partner to help design My COO Resources.