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Try something different

Are you ready to take the first step for your Company’s improvement? Or will you keep doing what you are doing?

Building a strong, operational foundation

Do you understand the power of building a strong, operational foundation? Do you know how to do it? My COO Resources ( can provide you with the directions needed to create a sustainable organization.

Never give up

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

My COO Resources ( can help you turn the tide.

Did you lose a file?

Are you regularly wasting time looking for files – either electronic files or within a stack? We have a solution for that. Get started at

Why we created My COO Resources?

Folks have asked why we created My COO Resources. It has become clear over the 21 years at Aldridge Kerr & Associates, Inc. that some Companies wanted to implement the solutions we had available for a reasonable cost that was self-paced and do-it-yourself. So, My COO Resources was created as this alternative, online interactive tool.


“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” William Faulkner

Are you dreaming big and aiming high? We can help. Start today at

Implementing My COO Resources

Not sure how to implement My COO Resources within your Company? Here’s a short video that provides some hints to getting started:

Focusing on what we do best

When I built my house, I was determined to become better equipped at taking care of those handyman tasks that often are required as a homeowner. I had owned several homes previously and had always hired help to resolve those handyman tasks but now, I decided, it was time to learn how to do it myself.

I should have known better. I had gone down this road before when I took a car mechanic class after graduate school and was trained on how to work on my engine. Halfway through the class, it became clear that mechanic skills were not in my sweet spot of skills or interest. Plus, I had learned that I did not enjoy that work.

So, when I had to put up shelves in my newly built home, I should have remembered that car mechanics class. Because I ended up not doing a very good job – and was reminded again, that some tasks are not aligned with the best use of our skills and talents.  

Do not misunderstand. I think we all should be learning new skills and acquiring more knowledge all the time. However, sometimes, we spend our valuable time on trying to solve a problem that could be more quickly and easily resolved by someone else. Learning a skill that does not interest us and/or where we have low aptitude to learn, is not necessarily the best use of our time, energy, and/or resources.

I now know that working on my car’s engine or trying to do house repairs are going to take me much longer to get done and at a less than acceptable outcome. Plus, I do not remotely enjoy doing either. Therefore, hiring a mechanic and handyman to do those tasks allows me time to focus on what I do well and to concentrate on learning new skills in areas where I can bring the most value.  

My COO Resources was designed by the folks at Aldridge Kerr ( who have decades of experience identifying and addressing operational challenges. We can solve your operational challenges much more quickly than you can in most situations and we will probably do it better. Why? Because that is what we know how to do! We also know that we are not experts at everything, so we bring in resources regularly to help us solve those problems that we are not qualified to solve.

Let us solve your operational issues so you can focus on what you do best. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me at And check out our blogs and previous newsletters and/or emails at

– Charlene Aldridge

Make a decision

“Making the call is making progress. When you put off decisions, they pile up.” From Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

“It’s fun too”

A new User of commented: “Who would have thought it would be fun to go through a series of questions to identify my Company’s operational issues?”

Mix in some fun as you more clearly identifying your operational issues as you take our Simple Start Assessments. Get started today at