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When a key employee leaves

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A dream written down

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What it takes to be cane free

I injured my knee. If you have seen me over the last several months, I am hobbling around and (oh, dread) having to use a cane so I don’t stumble and fall. It has slowed me down and has been an obstacle to me accomplishing what I need to do every day.

I am embarrassed to admit that I went weeks before I finally bit the bullet and saw a doctor. It was clear I needed physical therapy; so I started that journey. Then, when physical therapy was not resolving the issue, the Surgeon identified that surgery was needed. I, quite frankly, was shocked. I had not realized how seriously I had damaged my knee and that surgery was going to be required.

This unpleasant process was a reminder that I would have never resolved the pain I was experiencing in my knee if I had not reached out and obtained expert medical advice. In addition, both the Surgeon and the Physical Therapist advised that my recovery is progressing much better because I am putting in the work to get this behind me.

As in my situation, so often, we stumble (pun intended) around trying to solve a business problem that if we had obtained expert advice, the problem would be resolved more quickly and with a better result. Of course, that business problem and subsequent pain still needs our involvement to resolve it, but obtaining expert advice steers us in the right direction so that we can accomplish what needs to be done.

What are the lessons here?
1. When we have a problem or challenge outside our skill sets, obtaining advice from Experts will help resolve it more quickly and effectively.
2. In most situations, we still have work to do to resolve the problem. We need to commit to rolling up our sleeves and doing our part to reap the results we desire.

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By the way, hopefully, the next time you see me, I will be cane free.



“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” Theodore Roosevelt

Dreaming big dreams can be fulfilled by being focused on what you need to do.

Tribal knowledge

What’s tribal knowledge? And how can it cripple your Company? “Tribal knowledge” is a phrase used to describe information that an organization needs to run the business and/or support its Customers, yet it is not formally defined and/or documented. In most cases, this knowledge is in one or two Staff’s head. This can cripple a Company if the Staff leaves and the knowledge walks out the door with them.

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Focus on priorities

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Take the first step

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Could you go on vacation for 3 months?

A question asked in the Simple Start Assessments is whether your Company would run smoothly if you were to go on vacation for 3 months. If the answer is “are you nuts?” then My COO Resources ( can help you build a more sustainable Company.

Order and priority

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