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Suffer to get happiness

In the article "Three free ways to get happy,"; the writer Jean Chatzky proclaimed that to “suffer for 15 minutes a day” is one of those ways to boost your happiness. For many of us, we can confess there are a multitude of tasks that we just do not want to do. Yet, we also know that if we take on these tasks a little at a time, we will – over time – reap rewards. Those accomplishments do create a sense of happiness.

When I read that comment on the 15 minutes of suffering, it reminded me of so many folks confessing that they know that if they just would begin tackling an unwanted task, it would benefit them. This “suffering” is quite like Aldridge Kerr’s proprietary methodology, Doable, Chewable Chunks ©. Spending a few minutes every day on such tasks begins to create the momentum necessary to create improvements.

What task should you “suffer through” to reap those rewards? One task may be to commit to using My COO Resources to begin improving your Company's operational effectiveness. Allow yourself to suffer just 15 minutes each day so you can get happy.

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