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I need moisturizer

One unpleasant challenge in the winter are those dry, cracked hands we get because of the lack of moisture that results from washing our hands more than normal and the lack of humidity in the outside air. The furnace drying out the air does not help either.

It is amazing how much those small, little cracks in our hands can bother us. Just like a paper cut, even though they are typically quite small, they can be quite disruptive. It makes it more difficult to open a jar or pick up something. How can such a small irritant create such discomfort? suggests that the best prevention is to begin using moisturizer before the dryness and cracking occurs or to get ahead of the problem by using moisturizer so it does not get worse.

Such is the case with an operational challenge within our Companies. It may really be quite small but it can create havoc and disruption. So, the best prevention is to become more aware of what issues can cause “cracks” in how you do business. For example: paying attention when there are errors and customer complaints and immediately addressing what is causing them will reduce long term frustration.

Just like we cannot completely avoid the dry skin that results from winter, we cannot avoid operational issues arising. It is what we do with those issues that can cause more grief than necessary.

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Installing my new doorbell

I received a Ring doorbell as a Christmas gift. The instructions were clear and concise on what was needed to set it up. I was able to follow the steps until the instructions to mount it on the front of my house. The instructions explained that this step would require a specific drill and bit if mounting it to brick. So, I knew right away I had limited experience or skill to do this last step. Plus, I didn’t have the right tools.

Fortunately, my friend Bob was able to provide the needed tools, skills, and experience to mount the new doorbell for me. (Thanks, Bob!)

The Chinese philosopher, Han Feizi said: “Knowing the facts is easy. Knowing how to act based on the facts is difficult.” We all face situations where the facts are clear; it is the “how to” we struggle to resolve.

Quite often, a My COO Resources’ User will complete the four, free assessments and tell me that the biggest challenges identified did not surprise them. However, the User also confesses they need help resolving those identified issues. By upgrading their membership, the Solutions within My COO Resources will provide the roadmap to address those issues.

Like my new doorbell, I needed clear instructions and the right tools, skills, and experience to solve that problem. My COO Resources will do that for your operational challenges.

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