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Move that mountain

The story of Dashrath Manjihi is both inspiring and heartbreaking. Manjihi’s young wife fell crossing Gehlour hills and because of the isolation, he was unable to get her to medical attention. Her injuries resulted in her death.

Manjihi resolved then to dig through the rocks of Gehlour hills so that his village could gain easier access to medical help. It took him 22 years to complete this task (from 1960 – 1983)! He was mocked and rebuked for his tenacity, but his 22 years of effort reduced the distance between the two sectors of the Gaya district from 34 miles to less than 10 miles. This, of course, allowed for those in his village to obtain better access to medicine and numerous other supplies.

Most of us do not need that level of tenacity to accomplish what we have set out to do. Yet, if we would model Manjihi’s commitment to those initiatives we want (and need) to achieve, the results could be extraordinary. Finding that drive and discipline to impact the change will make a difference!!

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Spring is here

Spring is here, and it is the time of year to enjoy backyard living. Wait!! Our backyards typically do not magically awaken from winter and turn into that wonderful outdoors we so enjoy. Instead, we have work to do to create that space each spring. There is weeding, and planting, and more weeding, and starting that project we dreamed up last winter, and more weeding, and . . . yeah, you get the point.

To really enjoy our backyards, it requires work. That work may be tedious, unfulfilling, and downright exhausting (or, put a dent in your budget if you have someone do it for you). Yet, the outcome can be truly wonderful. There is joy in the fruits of that labor.

The same principle applies to anything we want to enjoy: company growth, implementation of a new initiative, resolving those operational challenges, improving your customer service, positioning your company to sell. Each of us has something we want to address that will allow us to reap the results we desire.

In many cases, it simply requires a commitment to the work so you can reap those desired results. This applies to the work needed as one works through the Solutions within My COO Resources. Unlike the effort required in our backyards, with a commitment to only one hour a week, you will begin to see results.

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