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How can something so small…?

Have you ever gotten:

  • A pebble in your shoe OR
  • A splinter in your finger OR
  • A kidney stone?

How can something so small cause so much discomfort? That little issue can cause disruption, lack of focus, and create interruptions to your day. It is so small, but it can cause great aggravation.

Often, we just try to ignore it, hoping it will go away. Unfortunately, the pain has to become great enough for us to realize we have to resolve the problem. Then, that resolution is often much easier than we realized, resulting in relief.

The same applies in business. We have some small issue that can cause great aggravation and instead of resolving it, we just try to ignore it. We ignore it because we think it is not easily resolved, or we do not know where to start, or we are not certain the outcome will be positive. Yet, if we just worked through resolving it, life would be so much better.

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Gardening and Operational Effectiveness

Have you started gardening yet, or are you just hoping that your yard will magically go from how it was at the end of March to how you would like it to look for the summer?

Todd Hunter, our most recent addition to the Aldridge Kerr Team, made an observation that there are lots of parallels between gardening and achieving operational effectiveness. For example, both require:

  • A plan: just throwing out changes, whether it is within an organization or in your yard, can be detrimental and create chaos. Instead, there needs to be a plan as to what the results (end product) will produce
  • Managing the change: going from what was, to what it will be, requires managing the process of change
  • Specialized expertise: When we do not use Experts, we waste a lot of time, energy, and resources. Whether you hire a landscape architect or operational consultants, if you want excellent results quickly, then you need to bring in the Experts

The best news is that, whether gardening or working on improving your organization’s operational effectiveness, you will clearly see a “before” and “after.” That is exciting.

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