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The Legend of Qu Yuan

There is a legend about a wise Chinese government official, by the name of Qu Yuan. It is said, he lived from 340 – 278 BC. As the legend goes, he attempted repeatedly to warn the King of an ominous threat to the county from a powerful enemy; however, the King chose to ignore his advice. Unfortunately, Qu Yuan’s concerns were correct and it resulted in the fall of the kingdom.

Many are like that King. They are warned of impending peril if action is not taken to correct issues and challenges within their Companies. Listening to the wise counsel of trusted Advisors seems to be a logical approach to doing business, but unfortunately, Leaders fail to see the value of utilizing those Experts as decisions are made.

Here are some insights as to why obtaining wise counsel is valuable:

  • The Experts are exactly that …. Experts in their given field. They can save on unnecessary waste of time, energy, and resources by utilizing their proven experience and knowledge.
  • The adage “two heads are better than one” is actually true. Two (or more) perspectives and insights reap greater results.
  • Experts often have history and access to data that you may not have or know about it.
  • They are impartial – and unemotional – related to making tough decisions.
  • They can help ensure you are staying true to your Mission and Objectives.

Avoid the mistakes that the King made centuries ago. Listen to wise counsel and follow the advice of the Experts. It can reap great rewards.

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