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It is a wonderful time of year

It is a wonderful time of year . . . and no, I am not talking about the holidays (all those are wonderful as well). I am referring to January and the opportunity we have each year to pause and reflect on our priorities, our focus, and what we want to accomplish. Although folks often use this time to assess personally, it is valuable for each organization to pause and do the same.If you have not already, consider the following:

  • What went well last year? How can this be repeated this year?
  • What did not go well last year? How can this be corrected?
  • What does your organization want to accomplish this year? Limit your list to only 3 or less.
  • What are areas for improvement and/or reassessment? Consider www.mycooresources as a great tool for this by taking the 4 free assessments.
  • What are – or should be – the top 3 priorities for this year? This may or may not be what your organization wants to accomplish.
  • Where are areas for development for your Team? Focus on 3 or less areas for improvements.

By asking these questions, you are positioning yourself for an exceptional year. Need help with this assessment? Do not hesitate to contact me at And check out our blogs and previous newsletters and/or emails at