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Target Fixation

You know where you are headed. You know the direction you want your Company to go, right? Yet, have you heard of target fixation? It is a behavior common when driving a motorcycle in which a person becomes so focused on a single object that they tend to ride straight into it.

As Business Leaders, we need more of that target fixation where we become so focused on the goal/objective that we cannot help but achieve that goal. The reality instead is the following often happens:

  • There are too many priorities so that we lose sight of what is important
  • It is not clear what the object/goal is or should be

Recognizing the importance of having clarity as to what your Company wants to “hit” is the first step in achieving success. The second step is having a laser focus on that goal, in other words, have a target (or goal) fixation.

It is amazing what can be achieved when we obtain that laser focus. Sometimes, we just need to adapt some basic steps (or processes) for this to occur.

This is so applicable to using My COO Resources ( It can help Companies define their priorities and achieve operational excellence. However, that occurs only if there is that laser focus to take the steps to be target fixated on it.

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