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Gotong Royong

 “Gotong royong” is an Indonesian phrase that means “mutual cooperation.” It speaks to having members of a community come together to achieve a common goal.


The power that comes with working together for “mutual cooperation” is applicable in all aspects of our lives and can be very valuable in business. As business leaders, we sometimes forget that this can create mutually beneficial results as we work together.

How can this be applied? Here is a short list:

  • Participate with a group of other Leaders to share ideas and create synergies.
  • Collaborate with other Business Owners to offer products/services jointly.
  • Form a Trusted Alliances’ group that routinely meets, focused on assisting each other to achieve each Member’s long term goals.
  • Utilize Experts to achieve goals that may not be fulfilled without their expertise.


We, at Aldridge Kerr/My COO Resources, believe in “gotong royong” as we see the benefits!! Find a way to create mutual cooperation for you and your Company in the next week!


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