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If you are hungry…

I recently read an article that said that sharks do not bite when they are not hungry. The article explained that a recently fed shark is satisfied so it has little desire to bite.

This gave me pause and reminded me of so many Leaders who are not hungry: the Company is doing OK, there are Customers to satisfy, there is minimum Staff turnover, revenue could be better, but it is fine. The list varies by Leader, but the message is that we can become satisfied with the status quo. That “good” is “good enough.”

However, if you are hungry for “better” and if you are not satisfied with how it is, you are more prone to accomplish more.

Since we are halfway through the year, it is time to consider if you are hungry for “more” for you and your Company. Think about the following:

  • What would “better” look like for you and your Company?
  • What are the risks if you stay with the status quo?
  • What do you have yet to accomplish in 2019 that requires more focus?
  • What obstacles do you need to overcome?
  • Are you spending more time “in” the business or “on” the business?

Recognizing that status quo of “good enough” creates mediocrity, being hungry for “more” can be the first step to exceptional success. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact me at Also, check out our previous newsletters and/or emails at

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