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Seeing Clearly

Not long ago, I had my regular visit to my Optometrist. The doctor asked if I was experiencing any problems, if my vision was OK… all the standard questions at the beginning of a vision checkup. I let him know that all was well and that the only reason I was there was because he cannot renew my contacts’ prescription without a check-up.

As the doctor did his examine, he discovered that my eyesight had in fact changed and that my prescription was now too strong. When I tried the new contacts, I was shocked at how much better I could see. I had not even realized I had a problem. Yet, with the right prescription, I was able to see so much more clearly.

This reminded me of what can happen with Business Leaders. We are so sure that all is well but we do not “see clearly” as to the issues and/or risks that are impacting our areas of responsibility. Leaders sometimes have “blind spots” to what plagues their organizations. Examples of potential blind spots include:

  •  Staff’s frustration and/or confusion as to unclear or changing priorities
  •  Clients’ dissatisfaction with products/services provided
  •  Projects consistently are not completed and/or are delayed
  •  Production results are under goal, yet, Staff seems to be working   at capacity
  •  Clients are not renewing but it is unclear as to why

The adage “no news is good news” represents how some Leaders are limited in the “view” of their organization’s issues. Not “seeing clearly” will eventually have a negative impact on the Company’s sustainability and growth.

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