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Down a Rabbit Hole

A famous author confessed that he sometimes would spend days constructing pages for a concept that he thought aligned with his book’s theme. After drafting many pages, he would discover that what he had created was completely out of focus with his original theme. He admitted this created lots of wasted time, as well as bogging down his goal of completing his book within the deadline.  

This can be called “going down a rabbit hole” in which someone follows a path that does not lead him/her to where he really wants to go.

This out-of-focus experience can impact authors as well as organizations. It can occur at all levels especially when Leadership and/or Staff do not have clearly defined processes that align with the organization’s vision and mission. When this occurs, time, energy, and resources are wasted and can create frustration.

How can this rabbit hole experience be avoided? Here are some hints:

  • Routinely communicate the organization’s vision, mission, and purpose both internally and externally
  • Ensure all impacted Staff understand those processes that are most critical to the organization’s success
  • Evaluate tasks that are performed to ensure everyone is clear on the organization’s purpose
  • Avoid the trap of wasting time on tasks that do not meet the organization’s objectives

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