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Re-invent – that’s an ominous word…Its definition is “to change something so much that it appears to be something new” and “to take up a very different approach.” As we reflect on history, several companies invented or re-invented themselves during difficult times, including Airbnb, Groupon, Uber, and Instagram to name a few.

As we continue to migrate through the changes brought on by COVID-19, this time affords us with the opportunity to step back and re-invent our products and services. As we do this, here are some questions to consider:

What products and services your Company offers will have minimal impact due to the changes created by COVID-19? Do you even know?
Do you need to assess your existing products and services to determine if they need a re-invention to stay relevant in this time of transition? Are there some products/services that will no longer be effective during this time?
What can your Company do to re-re-invent itself? Are those changes minor or will it require a completely different approach?

Companies have the challenge – and opportunity – during this time to hit the “reset” button so they are positioned for this time of transition. If we do not see this is a chance to re-invent, then we are missing the opportunities that can be created.

Are you overwhelmed with the what, how, and when to re-invent your Company’s services and products? We can facilitate a session (virtually, of course) to help you evaluate what your options are as you re-invent through this time. Contact me at to discuss further.