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Meryl, Warren, LeBron

What do Meryl Streep, Warren Buffett, and LeBron James have in common? All of them are successful in their chosen careers. Yet, none of the three reached that level of success over night. They each cultivated, developed, nurtured, and worked hard to excel. That desire for excellence has created a lifelong effort on their parts to continue to hone their skills, knowledge, and expertise. LeBron James is rumored to spend $1.5 Million every year to ensure he stays strong and healthy.

The mistake business owners sometimes make is that they do not realize that it takes more than a brilliant product or service to stay the course. It takes fine-tuning, further design and development, and building operational effectiveness.

Most business owners and leaders want to grow their Companies, yet they do not recognize that they must also build a strong operational foundation to achieve that growth. This should include:

  • Establishing clear leadership
  • Developing knowledgeable, competent Staff
  • Communicating effectively among Management, Staff, Customers, Strategic Partners and trusted Relationships
  • Providing consistency in what is done, how it is delivered, and how it is communicated
  • Focusing on both efficiency and effectiveness
  • Producing quality products/services
  • Establishing methods to measure successes
  •  Defining the organization’s culture and what are the “right” folks needed for the organization
  • Creating clarity
  • Having accountability for both Staff and Management

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Get it out of your head . . . . .before you go out of your mind!!

A frustrating challenge for Companies is that information is often in Staff’s “heads” creating obstacles for growth and stress for Staff and Management. We refer to that as “tribal knowledge” within a Company.

This can:

  • Impact quality of the Company’s products/services
  • Create customer frustration
  • Waste time as there is so much reliance on specific Staff
  • Result in loss of knowledge when someone leaves
  • Produce inconsistencies and inefficiencies of processes

These challenges can all be minimized when processes are effectively documented. Companies realize that they need to address this problem. This involves:

  • Identifying those processes that are the priority
  • Designing and/or optimizing those processes
  • Documenting them

However, just getting started can be overwhelming and exasperating; so, nothing is done.

We can help. This is one of Aldridge Kerr and My COO Resources areas of expertise.

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