A firm foundation

A couple had built their house over 15 years ago. It was designed with them in mind and they liked the layout, the square footage, in fact there was not anything they did not like about it.

However, over the last several months, cracks in the wall started to appear and the dining room floor began to buckle. They could not open their windows on the second floor. After hiring a structural engineer to assess the problem, it was determined that the house was built on a weak foundation. It would require an immense amount of disruption, cost, and effort to resolve the problems.

Often, in the early phases of a Company, the Business Leader does not consider the implications of building on a firm foundation. Things are looking good, business is coming in the door, and the Company is growing. However, like the couple with the house, over time, a weak foundation will begin to create unnecessary challenges. Folks leave and their knowledge walks out the door. Quality begins to suffer. Customers get angry over delays and errors. Staff are unsure of priorities. 

Building a strong operational foundation is critical to the long-term success of any Company. This is what My COO Resources provides: a structured methodology to build a strong foundation.

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