Fall is such a great time of year….the cooler weather, the vibrant colors and the pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins!!

Pumpkins are very versatile. They can be:

  • Used to decorate your porch
  • Carved into a multitude of faces bringing smiles to young and old
  • Used to bake pies, breads, and cheesecake

However, with all their versatility, pumpkins are still just pumpkins. They are not broccoli, or apples, or any other type of produce. They are what they are, doing what they do very well.

This is the same with the products and/or services an organization provides. A common mistake an organization makes is that it tries to be all things; in doing so, it often fails at most of what it does.

It is imperative to have clarity as to what you do well. Allowing your organization to lose focus on what your organization does well is setting itself for disaster.

Enormously prosperous companies like Amazon, Apple, or Walmart maintain a laser-like focus on their core competencies. In fact, it could be argued that the reason they are hugely successful companies is because they focus on what they do well and they deliver based on that focus

Define your organization’s strengths and core competencies and deliver on those. Be a really versatile pumpkin!

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