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In 1770, the British engineer, Edward Nairne accidentally invented the eraser. At that time to correct marks on paper, crusts of bread were often used. However, Nairne mistakenly picked up a piece of rubber and it erased the mistake much easier than bread ever had. A whole new industry was started.

Then, in 1839, Charles Goodyear improved on the rubber by inventing a method of curing the rubber: vulcanization. It made rubber more durable and allowed for the eraser to become a household item.

Often, we as Business Leaders become set in the methods in which we do business. This causes missed new opportunities and options not previously explored. Sometimes that fresh view can lead to major innovations and sometimes it simply improves how your Company performs its day-to-day tasks (processes).  Either way, taking a look at your processes can lead to options not previous considered.

One challenge with assessing your processes is that you may be too close to them to see something new and different. That is when an external Resource (such as Aldridge Kerr or My COO Resources) can be so valuable. We can more easily see solutions that you would typically miss.

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