It’s Just a Little Mouse

A mouse typically weighs less than a pound, has a lifespan of 1 – 3 years, can multiply into 20 mice in less than 3 months, and can scare us to death. If we see it running across our yard or our kitchen floor, for some of us it can almost cause a heart attack. I recall only one time seeing a mouse in my house and when I saw it, I jumped up on my countertop in a single bound – a feat I did not realize I was capable of doing.

How can something so small and insignificant frighten us so much? Per several websites, it is the most common fear known phobia.

What does mice have to do with operational effectiveness? It emphasizes that there can be some really small things within our organizations that should frighten us as much as a mouse running across our floor. A small thing, like a mouse, can eventually create major issues if it goes unaddressed and can multiply out of control.

Here are some examples of seemingly small issues that if not addressed can create major problems:

  • Missing steps in a process – especially if a different step is missed each time the process is performed
  • Ignoring Customer concerns and/or complaints
  • Delaying the steps necessary to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Lack of clarity related to priorities and/or focus
  • Unclearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Unmitigated risks that can morph into catastrophic issues

Do not ignore those little issues. Let us help you identify them before they grow into some really big challenges. Don’t hesitate to contact me at to discuss how we can help. Also, check out our blogs and previous newsletters and/or emails at

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