A Google search for a definition of “pain” resulted in a mixture of descriptions ranging from a  “discomfort that can be slightly unpleasant, to an agonizing ache caused by a source, sometimes known, sometimes unknown:” Pain can create disruption to our lives and compromise our focus. As we discussed in a previous newsletter, sometimes even something small can create havoc on what we are trying to accomplish.

The sources of “pain” within an organization can be anything from unhappy Customers to a failed implementation to rapid growth to … yes, it can be almost anything. Unfortunately, we as Leaders are guilty of waiting too long to address the pain that an issue is causing. This can result in crisis and disaster.

Philip Yancey states: “The key to happiness lies not so much in avoiding pain at all costs as in understanding its role as a protective warning system and harnessing it to work on your behalf, not against you.”

We encourage you to look at your organization and find those “pain points” that are causing discomfort and begin to address them instead of ignoring them.

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